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Recent Grant Recipients

Maiziko Preschool in Dowa District

Supplies, including food, staff, and tables for a 30-student preschool.  Phase one distribution is underway.  Photos below are from July 2021!

Malawi Children's Village Sewing Project

Financial support for the Sewing Project at Malawi Children's Village to continue training programs.  This project has historically been self-sustaining but has been hit hard by the lack of tourism and needed a boost. This project's first-year funding request has been fully disbursed.  Pictures in the slideshow below are from the project!

Kakwale Sunflower Farmer Club Project

Processing equipment for the sunflower farmer's group.  Phase one underway; support is being coordinated with the CorpsAfrica office in Malawi.  Despite some challenges, the group persevered and has raised the income potential of their seeds from roughly 5000 kwacha per 50kg bag (around $6.10) to roughly 22,500 kwacha per bag (around $27.45).

Old Maula Village Reforestation

Resources for a tree planting project.  Phase one is underway.

Thoza Women Economic Resilience Enhancement Project

Construction of a commercial building for a fifteen-woman baking business.  Phase one underway.

Molipa Village Covid Mitigation

Funding for a covid mitigation project in Machinga District, which includes about 8,000 households.  Funding covers mask labor and material, hand washing stations, and other sanitation efforts to limit the spread of covid-19.

Mkomera CDSS

Construction of school hostel at Mkomera CDSS.  Phase one is underway .

Kaseye Community Hospital

Funding for a poultry income-generating activity at a rural hospital in Chitipa District.  The project began in 2014 and has consistently produced increasing revenue for the hospital, which in turn allowed the cushioning of prescription drug costs and medical supplies.  During the pandemic, those costs have increased, and so the project seeks to expand to include egg-laying chickens, in addition to broilers.

2021 Grant Recipients

See some photos and information on early 2021 grant recipients!