Friends of Malawi (FOM) seeks to build community among supporters of the Malawian people. This is realized by facilitating regular communication to educate supporters, providing grants for worthy projects, and promoting the mutual cross-cultural understanding between Malawians and FOM supporters.


  1. FOM seeks to initiate and implement programs, activities, and communications related to Malawians that build fellowship, educate, and inform FOM's community. For example, FOM utilizes the website, online links,social media and the newsletter.

  2. FOM raises donations to fund Malawian and Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) community-based projects in education, health, agriculture, environment, small business development, and others, as appropriate that reflect current Malawian needs.

  3. FOM helps promote a better understanding of Malawians in the local communities of our FOM supporters by providing educational resources and communications that are available.