Founded in 2007 by a Malawian teacher named Luke "Harry" Kennedy Nkhoma, Success provides an integrated primary school education for “traditional” fee-paying students and scholarship students for those with disabilities, orphans, and ability-to-pay issues.  Harry and local stakeholders intend to “transform the life of the marginalized” and “reduce dependency syndrome” among at-risk populations by integrating them with traditional students in a rigorous, demanding, and exceptional educational environment.

Friends of Malawi is currently sponsoring Phase I of this project, which includes the construction of Success's first school block and stocking it with desks and basic school supplies.  The school will re-open at the start of the 2015 - 16 school session with Standard 1 and 2 students.

Mission and Objectives of the School

1.     To promote advanced knowledge, wisdom and understanding to meet the needs of Malawians.

2.     To bring education to all people regardless of culture gender, religious affiliation, physical disability or other social challenges.

3.     To provide and promote free basic education to needy orphans. The school recognizes the place of HIV/AIDS in the surrounding community, which results in the high mortality rates and as increase in the orphaned population.

4.     To promote the education of disabled children through Special Needs Education (SNE). It is believed that education is a universal right and that if given the opportunity all children can learn. SNE uses the special knowledge to tailor education to the disabled, thus providing accessibility to those learners whose educational requirement cannot be met in ordinary schools.