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The NPCA mission is to lead and mobilize the Peace Corps community in global education, micro-enterprise, advocacy for increased Peace Corps budgets and peace. NPCA membership hovers around 12,000. The current retention rate is about 60% and their goal is 80%. We encourage everyone to take a look at the NPCA’s annual report, available at http://www.peacecorpsconnect.org .

The NPCA is made up of individual members and over 150 affiliate groups like FOM. Affiliate groups fall into two categories: Country of Service groups and Geographic groups (either within the U.S. like San Diego or a region of the world like central Asia). All NPCA individuals are automatically also members of one or more of the affiliate groups of their choosing. The NPCA is governed by a board of directors, managed by a professional staff, and receives guidance from the affiliate groups through what was known in the past as the “Presidents’ Forum,” now renamed the “Group Leaders Forum.” All affiliate groups have one vote in the Group Leaders Forum. John Staub represented FOM at the Group Leaders Forum.

The main proposal discussed at the 2006 Group Leaders Forum involved reducing the size of the NPCA board of directors from 30 to19, realigning the board seats with the affiliate groups to reduce the discrepancies in the number of individuals represented by elected board members, and reduce the number of standing committees while increasing the number of “program committees” overseen by Group Leaders. The proposal passed 65 to 7, with 1 abstaining. These changes will help the NPCA board of directors focus on issues of governance, finance, and development. Furthermore, the change will expand the opportunities for affiliate groups like FOM to be more involved in leadership of any number of program committees such as peace building and global education.

The NPCA is becoming a mature national organization capable of serving as a liaison between Peace Corps Headquarters and the RPCV community, advocating the interests and goals of the Peace Corps before Congress and attracting funding from the private sector and foundations. These are time consuming activities that individual groups like FOM do not have the resources or time to accomplish on their own. Pooling the energy and breadth of the 150 affiliate groups into one strong voice is critical for success.